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Welcome to the Victorian Homes Connection! If you have a Queen Anne house or enjoy the curious asymmetry of Eastlake style then you are sure to enjoy some of the items you'll find on our website. Have a look around, and we hope to hear from you! 

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Victorian Homes & decor

Victorian homes are one of the most appealing styles of homes in existence. The romantic allure of the Victorian home is easily recognizable. The unmistakable scrollwork around the doors and on the front porch just screams Victorian home. The decor for Victorian homes includes ornate lighting, including chandeliers that are strictly eye catching to say the least. Luxury and opulence were a sign of the era and the more you had inside your home the better, especially concerning home furnishings.  Victorian homes were awash in very stylish hardware. The array of doorknobs were stunning to say the least. Consider yourself lucky, if you occupy a Victorian home and they left the original hardware in the home. That is a true rarity. We have a great array of Victorian Hardware to replace that missing original hardware. There are many styles of Victorian homes. One very popular style is the Queen Anne. The style was often painted in a rainbow of colors, was perhaps two or three stories high and was complemented with a tower or turret, often similar to the type seen in a gothic castle. Which brings us to the style of Gothic Revival. Melodramatic to say the least, this style could have been taken directly out of a romance novel. 

If you are in the market to give your home some ambiance of the late 1800's, and also add some functionality, be sure and check out the Edison reproduction filament light bulbs. They are reminiscent of the period and make for a real Victorian feel to your home. Reproduction candlestick Western Electric telephones are another item on the top of the list of an authentic looking Victorian furnishing with usefulness. To make a real impact in your domicile, try adding a wonderful, rich-looking carpet with Victorian styling.We have many floral patterned designs to choose from as well as an eclectic array of beauties that will fit right in with your turn of the century residence. With the profusion of rich looking colors and designs that abound, making a decision could be a difficult task. Maybe that won't be necessary. Usually more than one carpet is required if you have hardwood floors and your want to keep them beautiful looking, or perhaps, you may just want to add a little pizzazz to the room and cover up some of your existing carpeting. Just have an enjoyable time trying to decide.

The many people driving by your Victorian home will be staring in awe when they cast their eyes upon your stunning house numbers. The many styles that we have to choose from will certainly be the talk of the neighborhood. Accent them with you mailbox nearby and you are a real step ahead of all the neighbors. Incorporate a Victorian light nearby, and well, now your talking! Now for the pinnacle of high styling you absolutely must view the screen doors. Stunning in design, the Queen Anne, Beacon Hill, and the Victoria are the epitome of the era. If the essence of your being is living and loving in a Victorian home hopefully we can help your dreams be realized.