Victorian stencils, medallion stencils, and many for narrow borders

Victorian stencils

For the most visual improvement for the least money consider your hand at stenciling. It is a lot less costly than wallpaper, and the results are often impressive and satisfying.

there are a few basic implements you'll need to get going, which includes various colored paints (usually water based) and a selection of stencil brushes. You'll want an assortment of brushes including a larger one so you can cover some ground, and also a small one for detail work. Stencil are typically cut for plastic sheeting, or more properly put, lasered. This allows you the option of using a stencil over and over indefinitely, but it is important to keep the stencil clean so as not to get paint build up which may adversely affect overall quality of results.

Victorian border stencils cover a wide range of motifs including geometric, cross, abstract, and nature oriented. There is a considerable amount of crossover between the various stencil categories so be sure to look through all of them. You might find something you like! And it goes without saying the the color schemes we show are just random ideas. You'll want to put on your thinking cap and carefully consider what colors should be chosen to best complement the rest of the colors in the room.

Although our Victorian stencils are typically used for wall or ceiling work, there is no reason why they would not be able to be used for floors or floor cloths, although this is something for which you would need to bring your own expertise. That's a little bit above our pay grade, although we never cease to be amazed at the incredible skills some of our customers bring to the table.