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Victorian border stencils

If fortunate enough to be the serendipitous owner of a Victorian home, be it Queen Anne style, Princess Anne, Eastlake, Carpenter Gothic, or wild west saloon then you're probably interested in the fastest and easiest way to add style and color illumination without overspending. And the best choice to accomplish that hands down is the acquisition of some high style Victorian border stencils.

Before consideringr a stencil expenditure, modest though the price may be, it is critically important to make note of the dimensions, especially the height, and compare it to the space in which you plan to implement the Victorian stencil design. More often than not, the design a person is thinking of turns out to be way too diminutive or way too gigantic for the space intended. So the bottom line is, try to think things through well.

Another consideration is thinking about color choices. Look for color clues elsewhere in the room that you would like to bring out. For example, if you have a lamp with an attractive rose color in it that you would like people to notice, consider using that same rose color somewhere in the stencil to make the lamp stand out. We do not sell paints or stencil brushes, but those are easy to find locally through from a place such as Hobby Lobby. It is best to purchase paints locally since obviously it is critical to get exactly the right colors.

Victorian border stencils cover a wide range of motifs including geometric, cross, abstract, and nature oriented.

If you have not stenciled before it is highly recommended that you try honing your skills by stenciling on a test surface such as cardboard firest before attempting to stencil your walls or ceiling. Try two repetitions of a stencil so you can get the transition smooth. Stenciling is not too difficult and you'll get the hang of it in no time.