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Vintage look Victorian rug in hand knotted wool constructed for a lifetime of enjoyment.Victorian rugs in hand knotted woolRose motif Victorian rug

Victorian rug

In these halcyon days of wall to wall carpeting it is difficult to imagine just how cold it must have been to live in the eighteen hundreds where you had to combust your meager pile of coal in the fireplace to ward off the winter chill. The hardwood floors found in these vintage charm houses by themselves would have been excruciatingly cold if not for the fact that the floor surfaces were usually covered with warm and delightful rugs often made of hand knotted wool, which makes a wonderful insulator. Even after the advent of central heating the engineering of the heating system left a lot to be desired and in fact many a time upstairs areas were not heated in the conventional sense and relied upon convention to waft the warm air upwards, which may or may not have been adequate Victorian rugs..

It's a surprise to no one that a Victorian rug often incorporated motifs similar to other items in the house such as pottery, various art objects and wallpapers, in other words floral motifs were common

Care of Victorian rugs

For those not familiar with hand knotted wool Victorian rugs it may come as a surprise to find that the longevity is almost unbelievably long. In fact, there are plenty of one hundred and twenty year old rugs that are still in use today, even though their knot count is extremely low in comparison to what we offer today. Of course, proper care is called for which means having a good quality pad under the rug to act as a shock absorber reducing wear on the knots. Also, if you think about it, dust that blows in is partially made up of tiny ground up rocks or maybe even what should be called super fine sand. If these are allowed to work their way into the pile they will have a grinding abrasive action that will cause wear on a Victorian rug. For that reason it is good practice to vacuum rugs weekly. Some of the modern vacuum cleaners may be somewhat expensive, but their cleaning ability is truly impressive, especially the pet and allergen models. It's not difficult to keep a Victorian rug in good shape.