Victorian rug

Victorian carpet

Few interior improvements can add ambience to a room like the addition of a well chosen Victorian carpet. They feel good under your feet, they add a splash of color and panache, they warm up a room both visually and physically due to their inherent good insulating factor. But they are not an an inexpensive proposition, so it is important to choose wisely in order to obtain the maximum longevity and durability. It is important to select a classic design that won't look out of place with changing fads. We're sorry to say this, but many rugs currently being sold really don't stand up to the classic design test and unfortunately many of them will look dated in short order. And it is really not necessary to have that happen. Good taste in a Victorian carpet costs no more.

One excellent emergency cleaning tip for a Victorian carpet, and which can be used on many different types of rugs, and not just hand knotted wool rugs, is to keep a six pack of club soda handy. If a spill happens then shake up the can of club soda and saturate the area with the effervescent bubbles as quickly as you can. Then sponge up the liquid with towels. The bubbling action will lift out most stains providing they have not been allowed to set. Don't be bashful with the quantity of club soda. This is a low cost method that not only really works, but also doesn't have a chemical smell associated with it. Everyone who has a Victorian rug should have unopening club soda on hand.