Victorian porcelain hexagon tile

porcelain hexagon tile

Porcelain hexagon tile is emblematic of Victorian bathrooms more than any other tile. With modern (for the time) trends in sanitation it was considered to be a clean looking alternative to previous alternative decorating themes, some of which involved more wood and less easily cleanable hard surfaces such as various tiles, glass, and nickel plated metal objects. Even knobs found on the commode and bathtub handles were often made of porcelain. As a tile material, porcelain is unique with it's extremely tight grain structure making it difficult for staining compounds to penetrate.

hexagon porcelain tile, rectified

Contemporary hexagon porcelain tile typically has a different, and less historic look, than the wonderful white hex tile of yesteryear. Modern tile usually has a small curvature at the edge, a look that is often called pillowed. Vintage porcelain hex tile is typically completely flat across the top. This is called rectified tile. It seems like a small difference, but when the entire floor is completed you don't have any difficulty in differentiating the vintage look with the modern look. And if you are simply attempting to patch some new tile in with the old such as when plumbing fixtures have had to be replaced, mixing new style tile in with the old creates a jarring and not appropriate juxtaposition.

Our porcelain hexagon tile is available with special tiles to help create a straight line at the edge of the room next to the wall. This is not totally necessary, but it is nice to know that option exists if someone is concerned about the amount of labor it would take to cut individual tiles to create straight edge.

Not all tile used in the late eighteen hundreds was one inch hexagon porcelain tile. Square tiles were also popular. We have those available as well, both in one inch and two inch. And hexagon tiles, while usually one inch from face to face, also were sometimes seen at two inches face to face. We have that size also. A charming but often overlook vintage look tile is the penny round design. For those wanting to go their own way with something that not everyone else does, this is worth considering. All these tiles shapes are available in bone or charcoal, bone being a pleasing off white, and charcoal being a dark gray.