Victorian wall plaques for address numbers, street address, historic marker or high style vintage look.
bronze Victorian address plaque
dimensions price
5 by 5 inches $143.95
6 by 6 inches $178.95
8 by 8 inches $268.95
9 by 9 inches $355.95
8 by 10 inches
10 by 10 inches $341.95
4 by 12 inches $240.95
6 by 12 inches $308.95
12 by 10 inches $446.95
6 by 14 inches $342.95
14 by 10 inches $489.95
14 by 14 inches $622.95
16 by 10 inches $551.95
16 by 16 inches $786.95
18 by 10 inches $579.95
18 by 18 inches $1005.95
20 by 10 inches $623.95
24 by 10 inches $745.95
24 by 20 inches $1489.95

s&h: $28.95 for 80 square inches or smaller.
Other sizes call for quote.

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Victorian wall plaques

Superior alternatives for Victorian wall plaques are a Victorian plaque in cast bronze. Bronze encompasses a wonderful era appropriate ambience, in addition to exhibiting a very durable metal alloy choice. Whereas steel entertains the possibility of rusting away in a finite number of generations, a bronze Victorian wall plaque can be calculated for years of reliable service way off into the indefinite future.

Predictably, our Victorian wall plaques utilize lettering that has trendsetting styling. However, if interested in interspersing more conventional lettering or numbering for readability we can certainly accommodate you. We always provide computer designed mockups to you via email for your approval. If desiring to change the layout such as lettering sizes or font we happily create another proof for consideration. Ultimately we hopefully arrive at a design that meets your approval and then we will proceed to casting using the fundamentally time honored and time proven method of sand casting.

Victorian wall plaques mounting methods

Essentially, two methods exist to install a plaque. It is important to decide which method you prefer beforehand, so let's talk about the options available. The easiest method is called front mounting. In that scenario there are counter sunk screw holes in the ground area of the face of the plaque. We provide color match rust proof screws. You simply screw the Victorian plaque to the surface, which ideally is wood but still possible with other surfaces. A second type of mounting method is often used in situations where there is concrete, brick, or stone that a Victorian address plaque must adhere to. There are complexities, call for explanation.

When you greet guests with a cast bronze Victorian wall plaque you are conveying the message that they are about enter a very special building. Whether they know it or not a signal has been transmitted to them to expect the unusual and exceptional. So vastly superior were the architectural ideas of yesterday that you owe it to posterity to call attention to the building with expeditiousness.