Victorian napkin rings in silver with subjects such as dancing cherubs, rabbit with cart, wheelbarrow boy, swan sleigh with cherub

Victorian napkin rings

When entertaining it is often nice to offer the guests a little something extra that they don't see every day. Maybe something additional they've never sontemplated. Maybe something like our high class Victorian napkin rings. Observe the fine quality construction and unique set of subject material, indicating both skill and creativity. Obviously you won't be pulling these out of your Eastlake Victorian buffet with beveled mirrors for just any unexceptional occasion. But for special traditional days such as the commemoration of the birth of our lord in December these continue to be an excellent choice. Or perhaps the day set aside to remember the successful weathering of the hardships of the colony tenuously established at Plymouth Rock in the early sixteen hundreds, known affectionately as turkey day, or more correctly Thanksgiving. Or maybe even traditional feasting celebrating the resurrection of Jesu Christe after three days in the underworld of the deceased. Any or all of these special events often lead to extra guests at the dinner table and may require a little extra help in the decor department. Often there are festive festoons and centerpieces, special tablecloths, silverware from the family vault, and the finest porcelain china. To those we should consider adding Victorian napkin rings. The holidays are fast approaching, (aren't they always), and since it takes some time to artistically sculpt Victorian napkin rings maybe it would be a good idea to start the process sooner rather than later. After all, what good is having all of your nest egg in something boring such as stock, bonds, or fiat currency when it is so much more enjoyable and less worrisome to diversify into a hard asset or collectible such as Victorian napkin rings. At least you'll get some enjoyment out of your asset!

Each piece is individually artisan made and is signed by the artist, as well as being presented in a protective fabric bag, as is deserving. And who knows, perhaps in time these will be handed down from generation to generation as a cherished family heirloom. The wide variety of topics presented include swan, rabbit, boy with ring, and cherub