Victorian mailbox in seven metal patinas and eight glass choices with available magazine arms or locking mechanism

Victorian mailbox

Put a smile on the postman's face with a classic vintage looking Victorian mailbox. Our boxes are constructed with brass to eliminate the worry of rust streaking down the side of house, which is a very real possibility with a steel Victorian mailbox. Not only is there an existing bounty of beautiful designs, but we offer a panoply of attractive finishes including new verde, architectural bronze, warm brass, old penny, bronze patina, satin white, and textured black. Some of the designs are completely brass, but others have intriguing designs integrated with art glass. Our glass options include gold iridescent, champagne, honey, autumn green, frosted seedy, mica, almond mica, and wispy white.

It is important to examine the area that you plan to put your wall mount Victorian mailbox. There are three basic shapes available and on each page we show detailed drawings with dimensions that you should reference to make certain the mailbox you choose will fit the available space.

In addition, we offer two options that may be of interest. One of them is magazine or newspaper arms that extend under the box. The other possibility is a locking mechanism for security. We would be remiss if we failed to mention that also offered illuminated house numbers that have the same finish choices and also the same glass options. You might want to perambulate over to our house number category and take a look at those. They complement each other quite well.

We have one additional comment relating to the mailboxes. It is necessary to locate them in an area that will not get precipitation. They are not waterproof and we would not want your mail to get wet. A covered porch area would be ideal.