Victorian light switch plates in brass, copper, nickel, pewter, brass, or bronze

Victorian light switch plates

Acquiring and restoring a vintage Victorian home in the Queen Anne, Princess Anne, or Eastlake styles can be wonderful magical fun, and it's difficult to conceptualize where first to add charmr. Pretty much everyone would agree that you start with the unglamorous job of making sure the structure is impervious to weather by dealing with any roof issues. But after that it is all right to move on to some decor items that can enhance the enjoyment of living in the home and improve the quality of life. Some of these additional improvements are costly and some are more affordable. Adding Victorian light switch plates would be an example of a budget friendly improvement.

In the prehistoric days of home electrical service toggle switches were rare. Alternatively, push button light switches with mother of pearl inlays were used. Many of these are still in use. The vintage units seem to be reliable and operate with a very satisfying snap. One easy way to discern whether one of these switches is vintage or not is to observe whether the button is plastic or bakelite. Bakelite is an early form of plastic which has some brittleness associated with it, but has a wonderful nostalgic look and feel. If you have these pushbutton light switches consider adorning them with complementary Victorian light switch plates. Our etched copper and etched brass pieces are individually artisan made in the United States and are an excellent choice.

There are actually many ways to get tripped up when purchasing Victorian light switch plates. It is always best to call and discuss the configurations. For example, you would think a single toggle switch plate would be very difficult to order incorrectly. But not only is there a "regular" toggle in which the opening is about one quarter inch by one inch, but there is also a decora style opening where the opening is about two and a half inches by one and three eighths inches. The switch used in that type of Victorian light switch plate also has a toggle action. To make matters more confusing there are many different names for the same thing. For example, the decora plate just referenced is also sometimes referred to as a rocker, a GFI, or a toggle.