Victorian house numbers in copper, bronze, aluminum and illuminated with your choice of standard house voltage or low voltage

Victorian house numbers

Unquestionably, first impressions are lasting impressions.What is the first thing someone notices about a house? Initially it's address numbers, especially if illuminated. Owning a Victorian Queen Anne, Princess Anne, Eastlake, or Carpenter Gothic home why get ordinary Victorian house numbers when alternatively you could acquire some more appropriate to the style of architecture since you know all eyes will be drawn the numbers almost immediately?

Our Victorian house numbers are constructed of a variety of different metals, depending upon what style you choose. For example, Easy Street numbers are cast in either bronze or copper. These are both living finishes that will patina over time. The bronze doesn't change noticeably. It's starts dark and will end dark. The copper, on the other hand, starts out pinkish similar to a new penny. Then over time it will darken greatly, also similar to a penny. And depending upon your location you may even experience some verdegris green, which would be much more likely if you are exposed to salt air at the beach. On the other hand, Rose, Emma, Victoria, Love Letter, and Hydrangea are all available in aluminum only. Aluminum is a light colored metal so for visibility you would want to make sure the background behind them was dark for good readable contrast. If you don't have dark house paint it is always possible to mount them on a small wood plaque that is painted dark.

Another idea for Victorian house numbers is our line of illuminated numbers. There is a metal box constructed of brass with your choice of half a dozen finishes and the address numbers are cut out of the brass and then there is art glass behind them illuminated with light. When we wire it you have a choice of standard 120 volt house voltage, or we can wire it for 12 volt low voltage lighting which is often used for exterior landscape lights.