Victorian hardware

Victorian cabinet hardware

Thanks to the great proliferation of labor saving machinery, there was a wide range of interesting and sometimes exotic Victorian cabinet hardware manufactured during the latter portion of the eighteen hundreds, what is now sometimes referred to as the steampunk period. With an "anything goes" attitude there existed a bewildering array of motifs including pineapples, cherubs, geometric figures, faux stained glass inspired units, vegetable and fruit designs, brass castings, iron forgings, mass produced stamped metal backplates and much more. There was truly an eclectic variety of designs with something for everyone. You'll find an excellent sampling of the most exuberant to the most austere designs of the period in the menu over at the left.

Victorian door hinges

The most exciting new development in Victorian hardware in recent memory is the reintroduction of not only ball tip hinges, but also steeple tip hinges. Both are a great way to spice up the looks of a door. Existing hinges were often rather pedestrian and even though they had a great look, there was a real shortage in fashionable finishes. Our hinges have some truly great plated finishes that really add the finishing touch and are a major improvement over a hinge with one hundred and thirty years of sloppily applied chipped paint. The finishes include polished brass (of course), antique brass, antique pewter, brushed nickel, chrome (for bathrooms), and oil rubbed bronze. Furthermore, we also have hinges with ball bearings in them for heavy or wide doors. Not only will the door operated more smoothly, but that prevents a great amount of wear and resulting misalignment over time. Yes, there is a little extra cost, but it is negligible. In addition, we offer both radiused edges and square edges for a more traditional look. Also, there are a couple of different sizes to choose from.