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Victorian hardware

Authentic appearing Victorian hardware is the ultimate choice for those with a home built from the midpoint in the eighteen hundreds through almost the year nineteen hundred. Yes, it is possible to find modern knob, pulls, and hinges that are modern that will physically fit, but doesn't it make sense if you have a Queen Anne Victorian, Eastlake, stick, Richardsonian Romaesque or other similar style structure to stay with the original appearance, or at least try? Fads come and go but the original hardware will never look out of place. But you may have noticed that located authentic or even representative Victorian hardware is not the easiest job in the world. Luckily, we have a great collection of high quality pieces that perform an excellent balancing act between modern functionality and vintage charm.

Victorian door hardware

By Victorian door hardware we are referring to mainly the door hinges, but also to more obscure Victorian hardware such as door stops, pulls for pocket doors, etc. We have some great vintage look doorknobs that are over in our doorknob category. That may be worth taking a side trip to if that is what you are looking for. Victorian hinges with a steeple tip are fantastic looking in a Victorian house or commercial building. We have those in a variety of great plated finishes including antique brass, antique pewter, brushed nickel, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and polished brass. We also offer the same finishes for nostalgic ball tip hinges, which is yet another type that was exceedingly common in the days of yesteryear. For those with a large or heavy front door there are ball bearing steeple tip and ball hinges. They hardly cost much more and will provide many years of smooth and enjoyable operation