Heritage Knob
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Heritage Knob

These beautiful knobs have many applications. With four sizes available they can look great on a number of things - cupboard doors, kitchen cabinets, dressers, vanities, etc, on and on... 

The bolt fitting shown is the standard configuration for these knobs. If you prefer a modern fitting, we are pleased to offer a machine screw fitting (MSF) for our cabinet sized Heritage (1" and 1-1/2") knobs, at no charge, let us know. Cabinetmakers will find this a practical alternative to the traditional method. Every knob is supplied with a back plate that is the same diameter as the knob. Available in antique, dark antique, semi-bright. Also in bright for 20% more 

A. $11.50 each - 1" diameter
B. $11.50 each - 1.5" diameter
C. $11.75 each - 1.75" diameter 
D. $11.75 each - 2" diameter 

s&h: 6%, but at least $6.95

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