Victorian fireplace tools
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Victorian fireplace tools, artistic iron

Victorian fireplace screen



Victorian fireplace tools

Victorian fireplace tools are essential in creating a warm Victorian ambiance. Victorian fireplace tools of heavy duty wrought iron were often used to stoke the fires of old. Imagine the warm and cozy glow of your hearth when you have these tools placed nearby. Our heavy duty Victorian fireplace tools are hand forged with a simple black finish. The Victorian fireplace tools come in a traditional styling with a smooth black finish and a rounded handle. The rounded handle Victorian fireplace tools hang beautifully from the stand. The Victorian fireplace tool stand accommodates three or four of the Victorian fireplace tools. We also have several Victorian fireplace tool wall mount holders so you can have your Victorian fireplace tools nearby, yet off the floor. The leaf motif Victorian fireplace tools have a real twist to them. They have the round top that is wonderful for hanging from the tool stand, but have an additional bit of flair. The wrought iron handle has several twists in it and is finished off with an attractive leaf at the end. Very welcoming placed near your fireplace area. While you are perusing around looking don't forget to take a look at the hearth center. The stand has a spot to enclose your firewood or kindling and holds your fireplace tools on either side. It is a quality piece made with true mortise and tenon joinery just like a piece of fine furniture. This extremely high quality piece is held together without obtrusive welds.

Like so many things in this fast paced world that we live in, many products and items that we own are built to be of a disposable nature - what a horrible waste, especially in this day and age when most people are trying not to be so wasteful. Well we can say these Victorian fireplace tools are built to last, just like most things of yesterday. If something went wrong with an item, you had it repaired. Today people just throw things away. Well, we are certainly trying to do away with that! Buy something of quality and have it last, what a novel idea! The Craftsman style are not as substantial and have more of an emphasis on decorative styling, so please keep that it mind when making your decision.

The Victorian Era had quite a crossover with the Old West. Have you ever seen a movie or read a book of the
period? The homes were often of a grand nature with Victorian features a plenty. The women wore long dresses and carried parasols as they walked up to the front porch with plenty of Victorian fretwork decorating the exterior. So these fireplace tools, fireplace screens and fire backs are prime examples of the era. You will actually feel like you could have stepped back a hundred years in time. So in your quest to add some superb character and atmosphere to your home, don't forget the often overlooked area near the fireplace and the everyday necessities such a tools that are located nearby.