Victorian arbors, high quality
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Quality Victorian arbors...own the best!

Harbor these Victorian arbors! Our arbors are constructed of only the finest grades of clear grain kiln-dried 
western red cedar, this beauty is naturally rot and insect resistant to keep the elements at bay! 
Get this: it's assembled with actual stainless steel screws which are both strong and won't cause stains. 
No staples!...even on the lattice! Easy to follow instructions are only need a screwdriver! 
All parts have been pre-assembled in the shop to ensure proper fit.
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Wisteria Victorian arbor
Rose Victorian arbor
Monet Victorian arbor
Clematis Victorian arbor



Victorian arbors

Arbors certainly were a welcome addition to a Victorian garden of the 1800's in the English Countryside. Most certainly arbors would produce the same effect today. An arbor situated near a garden gate surrounded by flowers was a welcome sight anytime of the end of the day. An arbor with roses, vines and other climbing flora is a very romantic vision indeed. Imagine wedding vows being recited underneath one of these gorgeous arbors. The arbor would really make for a very fairy tale atmosphere. Imagine the arbor covered in white roses with clear lights in the evening, what an absolutely beautiful vision that would be. Having such a beautiful arbor outside would inspire one to keep up on their gardening duties. The optional lattice fencing is a popular choice if you wish to extend the beguiling natural look of you landscape. A sophisticated rose garden surrounding your arbor with climbing roses intertwined among the lattice of the arbor is purely charming for all those who enter your own private Eden. Just imagine?

Our excellent arbors are crafted of the highest quality materials. The clear grain kiln dried western red cedar is naturally insect and rot resistant. We don't know about you, but a vinyl arbor just doesn't have the same ambiance as one constructed of a high quality wood. Were there any vinyl pieces around at the turn of the century? Doesn't have the same level of character. Gardening really became quite popular during the Victorian Era. Once they had a beautiful lawn was acquired, they liked to elaborate on it by adding ornamentation. By complimenting the home with gates, fencing, fish ponds, fountains, birdbaths, and arbors or course, the homeowners personality could shine through. Antique heritage seeds can now be acquired to to give your Victorian garden a true vintage feel. Imagine striped antique morning glories intertwined onto the lattice of the arbor with a wonderful carpet of nasturtiums surrounding the base. A spectacular vision to behold.

So spend some time with your landscape architect or peruse through some gardening books to look for some inspirational ideas in gardening and let your Victorian side shine through with one or more of our superb pieces.