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Let it be known that you are ready to make your mark!!
Identify yourself and your surroundings with these terrific Victorian plaques and door markers. 
Whether you are distinguishing your home with your name and address, 
or just want to parlay your guests to the powder room, it's a
great time to tell it like it is with one of our great Victorian plaques!! 
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Victorian plaques, bronze

Victorian door plaques, interior




Victorian plaques

Victorian plaques are often used to identify historic homes. The bronze Victorian plaques that you often see, are mounted on the house, or may be supported on a post outside near the sidewalk area. Often a home may be of historical significance and may be listed on a historic home register. Different requirements are necessary for the home to qualify to be on The Historic Register. Many times a Victorian plaque of a certain size with certain dimensions may be one of the conditions that must be met before they will list your home. Please call us for your certain size needs in a Victorian plaque and most likely we can do it. We can do other shapes also, so don't forget us when it comes to oval, square, round, oblong, well you get the idea. When you have an idea of what you would like on your Victorian plaque call us up and we will do a rough draft for you with all the artwork first. We do it for you to get an idea of what it will look like and you well get the look that you want.  Once you get the draft that you are happy with, then we get busy with your Victorian plaque and start pouring the bronze. Believe you me, these puppies are heavy. Not a flimsy piece of aluminum blowing in the wind here - nope, we think Charles Atlas just may have been in the neighborhood.  Many times the Victorian plaque will state the year that the house was built. Another very popular Victorian plaque will have the address of the home including the name of the owners. With historic homes the name of the original owner or whom the house was built for will be on the Victorian plaque.

If their was ever a style of home that would be in need of a plaque, it most certainly would be a home of Victorian design. The architecture of a Victorian home can always be complimented by that certain something extra. Sometimes whole neighborhoods will have plaques identifying the home in matching typestyles and sizes. This can look wonderful in a historic district or even in a new housing development. Imagine the positive comments when people drive though the area and something special is occurring in the neighborhood. What a nice way to identify you home. These plaques are also mounted in many different ways. Some people have a special post of some sort manufactured to mount the plaque on. It could be of wood or metal.  We have had some people mount them into a stone pillar near an entry gate at the perimeter of their property. Very attractive indeed!

Many times a plaque will be used on the interior of a home as well. Perhaps identifying the bathroom, also known as the Powder Room.  A library or college may use a plaque to commemorate an important past student or someone, a teacher perhaps, who was instrumental at the institution. Even a past event can be commemorated, a holiday, something of historical value and so very much more.