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Home sweet home just got a little sweeter!
Please take a moment to look over our  lovely selection of attractive Victorian
picture moulding hooks and hangers. A couple of styles are sure  to harmonize with your treasured pictures.
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Elegant Victorian picture moulding hooks

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Victorian picture moulding hooks

Victorian picture moulding hooks are an essential part of Victorian decor. Hangers became popular in the mid 1880's. They continued to be in fashion through the 1920's and early 1930's. Picture hooks were used to hang pictures instead of hammering a nail in their plaster walls and creating an unsightly hole and damaging the plaster that was rather temperamental.  Plus with using a picture moulding hook you could easily rearrange your pictures to suite you mood, all without lifting a finger on the hammer. Of course, picture moulding hooks are supposed to be used with picture rail mouldings that are attached to the wall. The picture rails are usually made of a decorative wood and go around the perimeter of a room. The picture moulding hooks attach to the lip for a secure hold on whatever you want to hang. Many of the Victorian hangers are ornate and very opulent in appearance. These picture moulding hooks would be very complementary to an ornate piece of artwork or a beautifully simply print from days gone by. Other types of picture moulding hooks are a bit more simpler in nature. A gentle curving "S" shape the tightly hugs onto the moulding with some simple looking stars, lines, or flowers impressed into the metal. The hooks that are made of solid brass can be bent to conform to the railing. However, please make sure if  they are brass plated that they should are left alone as the plating may pop off.

It is usually best to use two hooks and two pieces of wire or chord when hanging larger picture and mirrors. The heaviness of the item and aligning it make sure it is straight and secure is very important. Pictures, artwork, and other lighter items such as smaller mirrors may be fine when using one hook, just make sure it is attached securely to the wall. The hooks made out of brass is what was generally used in Victorian houses. Some of the hooks are small and thin and rather unobtrusive, while others are much more substantial. Some of the designs surely look like they came out of the age of Elegance.

 Sometimes they would also take an additional hook and hang one picture underneath another picture. Perhaps a big picture would hang on top and an additional smaller picture would suspend from underneath of it. The look would be inviting and cozy, yet crisp, clean and planned. As with all things Victorian, the Painted Ladies were truly a wonder of the time, and the details are in the little things such as picture hooks. This is just one of the things that makes the style so interesting and inviting. Just add a few vintage looking pictures, such as a still life of roses, or perhaps a gorgeous Gibson Girl. How about a classic Victorian piece of artwork. Make is standout by suspending them on your wall and your Victorian home will be outstanding in the neighborhood. Time to get hooked, why not start your assortment today.