Victorian picture frames
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Remember when?
Who doesn't recall Grandma and Grandpa encasing their Wedding picture or that 
charming picture of Aunt Sophie in a picture frame like one of these? 
Your treasured memories will be framed in a most nostalgic way 
with these wonderful picture frames! 
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oval Victorian picture frames

round Victorian picture frames

cathedral, octagon,  and other Victorian picture frames, etc., 

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All frames hand made and finished in North America.



Victorian picture frames

Victorian picture frames are one of the most attractive ways to enhance your Victorian decor. We have a number of frames that look appropriate for the era. They can really accentuate one of your old pictures in a way another frame couldn't. The Victorian picture frames that we have come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The Victorian picture frames also come in a variety of different finishes. The picture frames are made to look very old. They are reproduction in design and even have the convex glass covering the picture. The manner of paint on some of these frames is made to simulate wood grain, just like the original old picture frames. Most all of our frames, as well as frames for mirrors, which a majority of these can be made into, were all the rage during the Victorian era. The ladies of the day spent many an hour painting, crafting or embroidering these to beautify their homes and to display pieces of artwork, photographs or perhaps samples of their handiwork for display. 

A picture enclosed in a beautiful frame can have one of the most restful serene feelings to a home and enhance your other Victorian home decor. You will most certainly feel like you are living in a more refined era when you surround yourself with these lovely picture frames. These frames look so authentic, you will be hard pressed to see that they are not actually the old antique frames. The wide array of different sizes are a critical element when you must find the perfect fit  to hang a picture. Say you have a corner in a room that houses a grandfather clock and an umbrella stand. The wall is missing something and you want to hang a picture  and the area will only fit a vertical type picture. A horizontal picture won't fit without encroaching behind the grandfather clock. We have the right picture frame for you in the right size. 

The versatility of the picture frames being able to be altered into a mirror is a true find. Please keep this in mind while perusing through the pictures frame pages. The lovely silver and gold gilded frames would look stunning hanging at the end of a hallway for added depth as a mirror. And the sizes ranges from small to large. The Heirloom picture frame in the oblong shape in the walnut finish would be particularly attractive.  When people walk through you home, one of the most eye catching things you can put on your wall is an attractive looking picture. Imagine accenting a beautiful looking photograph on print of flowers in one of these beauties. A sight to behold. When you have all your furniture placed in your home, the sofa next to the wall, the table near the window, the carpets aligned just so, then it time to hang the portraits. It seems like they are truly the icing on the cake. Everything looks perfect and you house finally feels like a home by what is hanging in the proper place on the wall.