Victorian napkin rings
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Victorian Napkin Rings
Can you imagine a world in which a napkin ring is a masterpiece? Our collection is created from photographs found in old catalogs.
 All of the pieces are cast in pewter with a few parts in brass, then silver plated and antiqued to give them a true Victorian look. 
Enjoy our selection, and perhaps start your own compilation today - simply stunning! our phone: 509-535-5098

 Victorian napkin rings inspired by nature

Childhood themes Victorian napkin rings

Cherub motifs




Victorian napkin rings

The Victorian napkin rings has we have to offer are a first class possession to acquire. We suppose that you could use these Victorian napkin rings when setting your table, but their true is intent is not that. More that likely these Victorian napkin rings will be the center of conversation around the dining room table or as a matter of fact, these Victorian napkin rings could be the talk of your entire home. The incredible details of these Victorian napkin rings are a true sight to behold. From photos found in old catalogs true masterpieces in Victorian napkin rings were constructed. The elaborate designs incorporated into these Victorian napkin rings is no less than stunning. The reindeers have fur and hooves and you can see the details of the twisted rope used in his reins. They are so charming during the holiday season. The feathers of the swan resting are as clear as day. The perching parrot and the butterflies in the nature inspired collection are a tribute to the beauty of nature. They are simply unsurpassed. All of the pieces are cast in pewter with a few of the parts in brass. They are then silver plated and antiqued . This gives them a true Victorian look.

The Victorian people loved to collected things that were near and dear to their heart. When you see these Victorian napkin rings you will understand why. The exquisite attention to detailing is no double without comparison. They come wrapped in a silver cloth bag that the artisan has signed, because after all they are really true works of art. Especially endearing are the Children and animals in the Childhood Themes collection. Frolicking with your dog, a schoolboy on a tricycle, or a couple of children sitting on a teeter totter at the turn of the century were all common enduring childhood memories of a long forgotten time. Please don't forget to talk a look at the angels among us series. They capture the true essence of the angelic age. The dancing cherubs are very musical indeed, from playing the lute, the violin and the flute these wonderful napkin rings will capture you heart.

Now we know these stunning pieces really aren't to be used with food, but are objects for display, don't forget to view the accompanying knife rests. They are every bit as charming and beautiful as these napkin rings are and are a must have if have any of the napkin rings. These are such a compliment to your existing Victorian decor, they express the fanciful taste of the lovely times of yesteryear. Please enjoy looking over our selection and maybe start your collection piece by piece starting today. Everyone will notice these little gems, and when displayed in a collection they are a must have for the collector of all things Victorian!