Victorian architectural ornament
Victorian architectural ornament
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Create your own Palace at Versailles!

The concept: Ornamental pieces are carved from wood. Moulds are made so we can cast any quantity you need in durable resin. You work with the pieces just like they were wood. You can screw, glue, or nail as well as paint with various finishes. Mouldings are flexible and can easily bend around curves. Our phone: 509-535-5098

Follow these steps:
1) Get ideas by looking at completed job pictures below
2) Check out the same pix with links to the model numbers and prices
3) Check out the wide variety of parts, which are grouped by type.

note: squares on black background are one inch by one inch so you can easily see the size.

Gallery of Victorian architectural ornament completed job pictures
Completed jobs with links to the parts that were used



flexible crown mouldings

flexible general purpose mouldings



ornaments part 2

ornaments part 3





Victorian architectural ornament

Victorian architectural ornament turns a drab and featureless room into a historical recreation reminiscent of the famous palace at Versailles. It takes a lot of thinking and planning to develop an effective artistic statement. Your basic building blocks of design will include capitals (the block on top of a column), medallions, moldings, ornaments, corbels, rosettes, and crown moldings. Our cast moldings and also crown moldings are flexible, which is great if you are attempting to follow a curvature. We use cast resin, which is just as easy to work with as wood or probably more so. You can saw it, screw it, nail it, use common adhesives, and paint it. If you check out our pictures you'll notice a great variety of finishes used, each of which creates a different look and mood.

Pay close attention to the grid lines we show in most of our pictures. Each square shown represents one square inch. Using that information you should be able to get a very good idea of the scale of each piece. If you did not have the grid to look at then it might be unclear whether a particular item was 2 inches tall...or 3 feet tall! Observe the different parts that were used to construct the various room views shown in the completed jobs area. There is a wealth of information in tasteful design that can be gleaned simply by seeing how someone else achieved a particular look. One design idea you may want to try is to print out the parts on a copy machine (you'll probably want to blow them up to full size) and then tape them to your wall or ceiling. This makes it easy to see what the overall effect will be. In addition, you can swap photocopies of different pieces in and out to see what might look the best.

I won't sugarcoat it. There is a lot of work involved in completing a room using these unique design elements. You would be extremely well advised to utilize the services of a competent contractor unless you are an accomplished do it yourself type. This type of job is probably way above the skill level of the typical person. But for the person that is willing to spend the design and execution time the results will be breathtaking. Remember my famous saying: "preparation....not perspiration"! Think things through well before ever starting...or ordering!