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She wasted no time in viewing the wonderful medley... 
of timeless Victorian lighting. The proprietorship was sure to agree, that the 
astonishing selection bordered on genius! The only torment ensuing, was trying to decide
which collected works would garner the most admiration from the owners of the Inn. They knew the 
good fortune they possessed in allowing her to make the lighting selection as she
had remarkably good taste and took great pride in enhancing the surroundings. 

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Victorian lighting and lights

Victorian lighting is probably one of the most enjoyable categories when it comes to home decorating.  Victorian lighting is so romantic and so high in style and adds so much to a room, that it is hard not to enjoy yourself. Putting Victorian lights in the parlor, bedroom, chambers, kitchen and exterior of your Victorian home is a pleasure.

Lighting during the Victorian period was primarily from gas. We have some lovely reproduction overhead gasoliers that are true to the era.  Then guess who came along? None other than Thomas Edison who invented the incandescent light bulb in 1879, which, by the way, we carry reproductions of.  Then beautiful electric lighting began to show up in Victorian homes. This change became the catalyst for a variety of gorgeous lights and lamps. Many of the glass shades used are are curved or have scallops on the edges. Some have gorgeous designs etched into the glass for added charm. Some of the chandeliers have complimenting wall sconces. They have the high style majestic dangling crystals attached. These cast beautiful shadows and rainbows upon your walls when the sun is directed threw them. The light shimmering through them is truly brilliant. Many are constructed of heavy duty solid brass that has an aged brass finish. Your family and friends will fell like they have stepped back in time. Some of the chandeliers look as if they could have been used on a movie set,  they look so authentic to the period. Imagine a parlor with the beautiful Paramount Theater chandelier suspended from the ceiling. Compliments are sure to flow.  

If you are a collector of all things Victorian, you will surely love looking at these luminaries and try to match them up or complement them to certain items in your existing decor. Your passion in decorating with the romantic can be accentuated by the light cast upon one of your favorite items or a collection of your lovelies. The glow of a pale light upon an antique embroidered pillow can convey a  marvelous sense of ambiance. To honor the period of the house, a light can make all the difference. After all, what elevates the theme of a room with touches of opulence more that a superb light fixture.

Wonderful and enchanting, this is what lighting of this era is all about. It adds so much to the decor and feel of your Victorian home that once your replace your lights it is hard to imagine what it looked like before. So turn the lights down low and slip into a romantic mood in your dream retreat.  Grab one of the classics and snuggle up in your favorite overstuffed chain. Try to relax and not be hurried any more this day. That was what time was like in the days of yesteryear.