Victorian kaleidoscopes
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Scope out our delightful Victorian Kaleidoscopes
You will have hours and hours of relaxing amusement, without having to plug in anything to a 
power source, refresh a battery, ring a bell, or any other myriad of things from our modern society!
Other than your wrist turning a knob
, and pointing the Victorian Kaleidoscope towards the light, 
not much energy is expended while you while away the hours in this relaxing pastime. 
After all, in this day and age, who couldn't use a little more 
old fashioned quiet time to unwind! 
Enjoy one of our Victorian Kaleidoscopes!
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Victorian kaleidoscopes

Victorian kaleidoscopes are an enjoyable pastime of yesteryear. A form of relaxation viewing the swirling changing colors of the Victorian kaleidoscopes calmed the adults or pacified the youngsters of the era. Victorian kaleidoscopes were often of a high quality nature and were really optical instruments that were intended for adults, not for a child as a toy. A Victorian kaleidoscope can take you back to a time when the televisions weren't blaring and the video games weren't beeping. Turn everything off all the electronics, and take a moment and sit by the window, look up to the sky and take a gander through on of our  beautiful Victorian kaleidoscopes. A little history of the Victorian kaleidoscope - it was patented in 1816 by Sir David Brewster (1781-1868) in Scotland. His invention, or at the very least his perfecting of it, has to do with the polarization of light. He was a physicist and natural philosopher - what better person to come up with this idea and hand it down for his legacy.

The Victorian kaleidoscope remained very popular all throughout the Victorian era. Imagine relaxing in the parlor viewing one of your many kaleidoscopes. Some of the Victorian kaleidoscopes of the era were called table parlor kaleidoscopes. The sat on a stand and looked upward, looking almost like a fat telescope. We have several different kaleidoscopes from which you can choose from. One such type is created from clear or colored glass tubing that is frosted or etched into wonderful themes and designs. Not only do you get to view a breathtaking interior through the kaleidoscope, but the exterior is quite beautiful also. The peaceful Resting Crane, Tranquil Iris and Koi Pond kaleidoscopes are soothing to the eye. The Nouveau Kaleidoscope can complement almost any item in your Victorian home. A tad bit more on the fanciful side of kaleidoscopes can be found in the Boot Kaleidoscope, perfect it you have the complementing rustic style in your Victorian home. Also the Heart kaleidoscope and the Grape kaleidoscope are embellished with an array of attractive and interesting charms. the interior images are enhanced with delightful items that are one of a kind in interior and exterior viewing.

Its a great day when you can sit down in a chair and just twist your wrist to a beautiful viewing experience. When looking for a way to relax, next time don't grab a beer grab a kaleidoscope instead. OK OK, you can grab that beer, or maybe a glass of wine instead, but just be sure and grab the kaleidoscope too, so you can take a gander through the lens while you unwind.