Victorian house numbers
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A sensational addition to the front of your home!
 Stylish and sophisticated, these Victorian house numbers will draw attention to your residence!
Capture the feel of yesteryear in something that complements your individual 
style and the elegance of your property with these
Victorian house numbers!
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Victorian address numbers, solid copper, brass, aluminum and black

carriage house cast bronze

Easy Street style


victorian decor


Victorian house numbers

Victorian house numbers will look outstanding on your front door. A set of our Victorian House numbers is one of the first things you will see upon arriving home. When looking for Victorian House numbers first decide which style of Victorian home that you have. Victorian house numbers constructed of ceramic tiles would look wonderful on the Queen Anne style of architecture. The wraparound porch of the Victorian era in one of the architectural highlights of the time period. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to accentuate that portion of your home with some high style Victorian house numbers. Second Empire Victorian homes would look just lovely with the Hydrangea house numbers, perhaps in pretty pinkish solid copper, which will turn dark brown like an old penny, over time. We also have numbers in solid brass and solid aluminum and the patinas won't change much on those metals. The black powder coat will stay the same. 

Some of the numbers that are done in various metals come in different heights. Perhaps the number two would be short and the number seven might be quite a bit taller. In this instance we might recommend that you make a template or print it off of the internet and make sure the size looks good in the space that you want to put it. The Victorian Era is a time period, in which their are many Victorian styles of homes. And with the many different styles of homes, we luckily have many different styles of Victorian house numbers. The illuminated numbers are wonderful for newcomers to your dwelling in the evening hours. Being able to see which house is yours in the dark is a real plus. Especially when someone has never been to your home before. The ceramic terra cotta tile house numbers have various different Victorian motifs and are constructed to withstand the winter snows. We also offer them in a variety of different colors to go along with the terra cotta and have many exciting accent tiles to go along with the numbers. Color options include blueberry, yellow gold, orchid, turquoise, white, black, hunter green and French green. 

Our house numbers look great on homes, offices buildings, businesses, or just in a nearby garden area. Perhaps even mounted on a boulder or a post near the driveway as an identifying marker. We even have had our house numbers featured in major motion pictures. If it's good enough for a house is a movie, its good enough for us! Call us to find out which movie it was! As an added bonus many of the number styles can also be made with accompanying letters. The alphabet is commonly used in apartment buildings, offices, and perhaps, duplexes, triplexes and the like. Often people wish to get their names spelled out, or even perhaps the street name spelled in it's entirety. So as you can see the options are endless in your quest to have an attractive house number appearance. Its one was of expressing yourself to your friends and neighbors and show them your good and unique taste.