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Who would have imagined that a heat grille could exhibit evidence of your romantic nature!
 Plus show your attention to detail. The possibility that it could be captured in 
something as austere as a heat grille is an accomplishment not to be taken lightly.
 Our multitude of heat grille styles and designs will complement the finery of this exquisite 
era and harmonize with your own refined belongings.
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Victorian heat grilles

Heat grilles of the Victorian era are an essential item in you home decor design. The wall and floors of you home take on another dimension with a Victorian heat grille adorning it. A plain wood or tile floor will suddenly become a focal point in the room with one of our lovely Victorian heat grilles. Who needs to hang a picture on a wall when you have an ornate heat grille inserted in your wall. The beautiful classic Victorian Opera heat grilles are a sight to behold. They are reminiscent of the gorgeous palatial halls of yesteryear. Who could have imagine that filling a simple opening in the floor or wall with a heat grille would add such panache to your abode.

 It used to be that the only type of heat grille that you could find was of a thin metal plate with skinny slates in a beige color. They looked ok for about a week, but the minute you vacuumed or mopped you floor and something nudged into the heat grille it would look like heck. Not a very classy look, we must say. Luckily you have a lot more options to choose from now and most of them are very attractive options at that.  Now the options abound. Spend some time perusing around and look at all the wonderful styles of heat grilles that we have. The metals alone are mind blowing. Copper, brass, bronze, steel,  nickel and cast iron are a few of the metals, and you should see the woods that we have to choose from. If you have a bamboo floor, chances are we just might have a heat grille that would complement your floor. Or even hickory, elm or maple. Even poplar, redwood, cherry and beech. The woods are numerous in the Rickenbacker collection. The Olde Foundry heat grilles are the talk of the town. What a great initiator of Victorian ambiance. Cast bronze, cast iron and many other metals including copper, brass, nickel and steel give you the opportunity for a many metal options too.

Once in a while the duct opening in your floor is an uncommon size due to circumstances beyond your control. Perhaps someone in the family was trying to be crafty or clever or started to do a home repair and got a little bit carried away. Well if that happens to be your circumstance look through some of our different collections and you will find that many of the style that we have can be custom made to fit your opening. This custom work will surely come with it fair share of questions, so be prepared to be asked some detailed inquiries into the subject. Don't forget to look into our cold air returns also as they provide a great opportunity to give your home some added decorator ideas too.