Victorian doorknobs
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Once upon a time...
homeowners paid a great deal of attention Victorian doorknobs detail.
Doors of superb beauty would be complemented with an exceptional 
doorknob set that could truly be appreciated by all.
That day has returned.
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Premiere Renaissance, Mission Hills, 
Olympic and Sonoma Victorian doorknobs collections

Florentine collection

Vantage Hill and Premiere Rosette,
Mission Hills and Foxglen collections




Victorian doorknobs

Your Victorian doors will stand out from the crowd with these wonderful period looking Victorian doorknob reproductions. Victorian doorknobs can add the finishing touch of charm with a large amount of beauty to your home. If you've ever had a hard time finding a Victorian doorknob, look no more, you've come to the right place to locate a Victorian doorknob.  A Victorian doorknob that complements the door can be the scene stealer in your home decor. The large selections of reproduction Victorian doorknobs that we have can finish any look and enable you to create quite a distinct look in your home. The Victorian doorknobs that we carry can be mix and matched with the knob and the back plate, allowing for us to have  hundreds of reproduction Victorian doorknobs  to offer to you. You can be assured that many of the Victorian doorknobs will fit the character of your home.

We offer so many unique styles that your may have a hard time trying to decide which style to carry in your home. The high quality materials and supreme craftsmanship of these Victorian doorknobs  truly set them a step above the rest. We can help you to find an attractive way to add a vintage touch while providing years of beauty to your home. Some of our offerings include genuine crystal and porcelain doorknobs, plus we use top quality forged brass knobs and plates. A few of the finishes that we offer are antique brass, polished brass, antique pewter, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and bright chrome. The back plates and rosettes that we offer can be of an ornate nature to complement your beautiful existing decor, or they can be acquired in a more simple style  to blend in with something fancy that you may already have. Most of them can be mixed and matched together, that is the back plate and the knob, but may not be the case with all of the doorknobs so please give us a call to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. 

With wonderful vintage looking designs that are updated for modern use and ease of installation these Victorian doorknobs are sure to please. Doorknobs can be mixed in different styles as that was a popular way to decorate in the Victorian era. So you may want to try mixing something from the Mission Hills collection with the Florentine Collection in perhaps the same finish. Or maybe you might want to stay in the same collection, but just use different finishes in different rooms. Anything and everything goes with Victorian decor, that's what makes it so charming! Things with an elaborate design mixed together seemed to set off one another.  In most cases so you can attain that exact antique and vintage feel that you are looking for and it looks remarkably true to the era.   Be sure and check back often as we will be updating and adding to our selection periodically, not just in doorknobs, but in other hardware items as well