Victorian doorbells
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When a gentleman comes calling and leaves his card upon the table,
 he may get a tiny bit distracted when gazing upon the attractive doorbell located nearby.
 Of course, when you make your entrance he will be nothing more than most courteous 
while trying to inquire as to its whereabouts.
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The Parthenon Victorian doorbells

Victorian doorbells Column and block models

eggcrate grid models

video: installing a decorative doorbell cover

Victorian doorbells

Victorian doorbells that are skillfully constructed  are a welcome addition to your home. Who could have imagined the impact that Victorian doorbells could have. Victorian doorbells are usually one of the first things that your guests will gaze upon when they step inside of  your front door. Having a Victorian doorbell in your entryway talks your home to a whole other level. A Victorian doorbell that is constructed of quality oak is a true treasure to behold. We have many Victorian doorbells to choose from. The Bell tower Victorian doorbell is cathedral like in appearance. It is constructed in oak and has fabric covered openings. The grid incorporated into the from was a popular type of styling that was used a great deal during the turn of the century.  It is a finely crafted Victorian doorbell that can be the focal point in your Victorian decor, plus it is very unique and exclusive to us. The brass mechanical Victorian doorbells are true to what they used in Victorian times. These brass models have an authentic Victorian doorbell look and fell. 

Whether you are restoring an old Victorian home, or perhaps you are building a reproduction new Victorian home, the Victorian invention of a doorbell is alive and well. Each of our superb doorbells comes complete with all of the chime mechanisms inside of it that you need. Occasionally we have people that order two doorbells. One is for the entry front door and the other one they have near the back door. This is especially great if you have a large home and might not be able to hear the bell when in the back yard or outside on your patio or deck. And think of the added panache that would be located at not the primary spot that friends and family see.  Some of our doorbells could also be considered a piece of fine furniture and you surely would want to enhance them with one of our attractive doorbell buttons. 

Most of these Victorian doorbells are easily installed to your wall. If you need to take them down because you have to paint your walls, or perhaps a little dusting is in order, this can easily be done. How convenient for the homeowner. If you are thinking about moving, you might want to remove it before you put your house up for sale. Once someone makes and offer on your home and it is installed, then were afraid its staying with the property. If you buy and new home, and it just so happens not to be of the Victorian style, we want you to know that we also make many other styles of doorbells for different makes of homes. Perhaps a Colonial or Craftsman style would be what your new home is.  If that's the case sure and call one of our friendly associates and they will be sure to answer all of your questions.