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Victorian hardware

Victorian hardware is essential in creating a vintage look in your Victorian home. The look of Victorian hardware is highly specialized to create an authentic look of yesteryear. Many different products fit into the category of Victorian hardware. For instance, you have knobs. In this sub-category we have many different styles to choose from. Looking around, you will notice many pieces look like they could have come directly off of an antique piece of furniture. Drawer pulls in many different styles and materials are sure to complement the pride and joy you take in your Victorian furnishings. Remember The Victorian Homes Connection when it comes to finding a vast selection of great looking Victorian Hardware.

You must be sure and peruse the botanical Victorian hardware portion, as this was a common theme of the era. Many beautiful flower and gingko patterns, along with butterflies, cicadas and dragonflies in the mix. Also included are roses, tulips, poppies, hibiscus and Sweet Williams. Also in this genre are items from the vegetable garden. Carrots, peas in a pod, peaches, and various other fruits. Hooks and knobs were also commonly used in Victorian homes and we have several of them to choose from. Many different materials are in the mix, including brass, polished brass, antique brass, nickel, bright nickel, antique pewter, solid bronze and jewel gemstone looking pieces, to name a few. We almost forgot, we even have some pieces that are 24 karat gold plate - pray tell!! Inspiration for Victorian styling comes from many eras and locations. For instance, the old West crosses over into the Victorian Era a great deal. Reflect upon some cinematic moments and you will recall cowboys arriving home from a hard days work to a Victorian home in all it's glory. Fretwork gingerbread ornamentation on the front porch and a screen door to boot! With wonderful Victorian looking hinges, we must say!

Have some fun while looking through our website.  We have tried to make it enjoyable experience and hope to spark your imagination when it comes to decorating your home. Mrs. MacGregor's garden has some unique items that will have everyone wondering where you found such treasures in hardware. The unique Script knobs have all kinds of uses for different areas of your home and furniture. Monogramming isn't just for towels anymore. Don't forget to investigate the coat hook selection. Your imagination and talent can go crazy figuring out where you would like to hang them. Perhaps you are handy with wood and a table saw. You could fashion a beautiful coat rack and use these coat hooks for the finishing touch. Your friends and family will be impressed. Saving one of the most important room for last, of course is the kitchen. Wait a minute, it is the most important room, wouldn't you agree? The latches and knobs are the perfect complement of a vintage Victorian kitchen. Imagine your cupboards painted white, or perhaps a buttery cream yellow, with the drawers adorning  knobs of shiny polished nickel, or the antique pewter, and the cabinets being held in place with latches to complement - what a striking combination!